Nonton film Keranda Kuntilanak terbaru

Keranda Kuntilanak

Genre: Comedy, Horror
Quality: Year: Duration: 83 MinView: 315 views
1 votes, average 3.0 out of 10

Abby (Tifany Jane) and Ikke (Fiona Fachry) never suspected that their boarding house that was once safe and peaceful, suddenly became sinister. Every night, there are strange events that befall them. Cody (Indra Brotolaras), Ikke’s boy friend, and DJ (Zaky Zimah), sweet but gullible guy, who often come to their boarding house, are also affected. One day Steff (Stefan William) came to see her boyfriend, Abby. Steff is a soap opera actress become a main attraction, especially for DJ who wants to be an artist. But it turns out Steff arrival was also disturbed.

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